We assess the state of your business, determine where the vulnerabilities and the opportunities lie and provide critical management advice based on our years of experience.


We deal with critical issues immediately and prepare a plan of action to improve the health of your business.


We develop highly effective business development plans, procedures and business practices all designed to drive new revenue growth and improved profitability.


Business expertise where you need it most.

What is your product or service value proposition? How does it compare to your competition? How can your business effectively reach your target market?

Do you have a Succession Plan or an Exit Strategy? How can your business transition occur while maximizing employee and customer satisfaction? Exit Plan Strategies can add additional ‘worth’ to your existing business valuation. What is yours?

Dealing with financial or operational challenges is something nearly every business owner struggles with at some point.

Do you tap into that line of credit? Do you restructure your debt? Do you change your sales tactics?

There’s lots of free advice out there. But it’s always a good business decision to bring in expertise when – and where – you need it.

That’s what the Corporate Turnaround Group provides.

We are a team of experienced business consultants with specific skills in key areas:

>> Business Turnaround
>> Business Development Support and Sales Training
>> Strategic Planning and Execution
>> Marketing, Internet Consulting and Branding
>> Operations and Financial Management
>> Human Resource Management and Succession Planning
>> Customer Service Best Practices
>> Debt and Corporate Restructuring
>> Insolvency
>> Business Advisory and Executive Coaching Support

We look at your business through these lenses, focusing on your financial and operational issues. We provide specific and practical advice to address the short-term issues, while we get a plan in place to transition your business from where it is to where it needs to be.

Advice + Action

When you need more than advice, the individual expertise of each team member is at your service to counsel, plan and implement.

How can we help you?



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Free Assessment Interview

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