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Our People

Reg Rocha, CEO – Business Strategist and Adviser

Reg is a co-founder and President of Corporate Turnaround Group, and 4 Pillars Consulting Group and has held senior positions in other very successful business operations. Reg has close to 20 years in the industry and his consulting and management style is very hands on which builds success into the many businesses that he has consulted to, his experience includes personal and corporate debt restructuring as well as business operations, management, HR and senior management roles.

Reg’s areas of expertise include business advisory/development services, corporate turnarounds including debt restructuring and has a full understanding all the options available to companies facing overwhelming debt and unmanageable payment terms. Reg experience includes working with his clients through the formal debt restructuring process under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) which includes formal repayment schedules and bankruptcy, to less traditional options outside the BIA.

Paul Murphy, Partner – Business Strategist and Adviser

Paul’s areas of expertise include corporate debt restructuring and understanding all the options available to a company facing overwhelming debt levels and unmanageable payment terms. Paul’s experience includes taking clients through the formal bankruptcy and insolvency process, or steering them into less traditional options not always utilized outside the Bankruptcy Act.

He has a 25-year career in the banking and investment field, and is a successful business owner himself. He has extensive experience in the franchising world and has the unique experience of seeing it world from both sides, allowing him to quickly understand the challenges and opportunities.

Troy Tisserand, Partner – Business Strategist and Adviser

Troy is a co-founder and President of 4 Pillars Consulting, Corporate Turnaround Group, and has held senior positions in other successful business operations. Troy’s expertise is in IT systems, online marketing, strategic planning, and financial literacy & coaching. Troy brings 14 years of experience specializing in the restructuring of personal and corporate debt.

Troy is skilled in helping the owners of small and medium-sized business deal with their business development and financial challenges, by finding ways to improve customer service, operations and quality of life while increasing profitability.

Doug Walden, Vice President

Mr. Walden’s career spans corporate leadership roles in a variety of business operations, from multi-national organizations to small and medium business enterprises (start-ups, retail, wholesale,distributor, manufacturing, B2B, B2C). Doug brings experience working as the executive in charge and as a Board Director for profit and not-for-profit organizations. An executive, offering multi-disciplinary senior management experience in customer service, operations, sales and marketing, finance and general administration, with an exceptional track record in business restructuring and turnarounds, strategic transformation, and organizational leadership.

Doug has the skill and experience to quickly and efficiently analyze small to medium sized organizations, make effective recommendations to stabilize operations, reduce unnecessary expenses, to invest in revenue growing opportunities and to improve overall profitability in a relatively short time frame.


Our History

CTG was formed in 2002 by the partners of one of Canada’s largest national debt restructuring consultancy firms, 4 Pillars. Our roots are in financial restructuring, but our skill sets extend to all areas of business success.

Our Promise

We value financial literacy and strive to ensure that business owners better understand the financial position of their business and how decisions regarding any aspect of the business will affect the future financial position. This allows them to better plan the successful evolution of their business to ensure it supports their personal financial goals.

Our Business

Corporate Turnaround Group Inc (CTG). is a Canadian-owned and operated company based in British Columbia. We are an independent firm of management consultants who specialize in getting businesses healthy. Whether resolving operational issues, planning for long-term business growth or eliminating large portions of business debt through financial restructuring, CTG professionals will guide you through the decisions required to increase the value and profitability of your company.

The company has an excellent track record of implementing operational plans that substantially improve the cash flow and liquidity of our clients and successfully negotiating new payment proposals with creditors.

Our Clients

A typical client of CTG is:

• a viable business with limited financial resources
• looking to substantially improve their bottom line
• looking to grow the customer base and the revenue line
• considering their succession or exit strategies
• a business that cannot meet their monthly minimum debt service payments.

CTG is committed to excellence in customer service. We work quickly but thoroughly to deal with your pressing issues and embrace a collaborative approach. Our head office is in Surrey, BC, but we work with businesses all across Canada.

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