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Often businesses don’t achieve the results they want because they’re not using marketing effectively. CTG partners with marketing experts to review the ways you connect your business to your customer, and make recommendations to improve them.

These may include suggestions to re-brand your business or put a marketing plan in place with a realistic budget. Perhaps there’s a compelling opportunity to implement a Public Relations strategy, or Search Engine Optimization strategy. Or you might just need some sound advice about how to sell your business more effectively using your current channels.

Our marketing experts bring years of large and small client experience to CTG. CTG employs only senior marketing consultants who bring years of experience helping businesses find their authentic brand personality and engage more effectively with their customers.

Many companies underestimate the importance of pinpoint marketing or shy away from marketing because it’s viewed as an ineffective use of company funds. Our marketing plans are designed to ensure alignment of the brand promise and the customer experience, which directly contributes to increasing revenues and improving profitability. We prepare comprehensive marketing plans to include social media and web site optimization, print and electronic material and prospect and client communication

  • How well does your existing marketing material support your sales efforts?
  • Do you currently have an emarketing plan?
  • Is your web site aligned? Is it effective in terms of messaging content and lead generation?
  • Have you reviewed your pricing, promotions and positioning of your product and/or service with respect to your competition lately?

At CTG, we examine your market segment and your customers buying habits and develop initiatives designed to demonstrate how your product meets the customer’s needs and requirements. We assist you in validating your target market, measure your competitive advantage and look for new revenue streams to consider.

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