Operations, HR, Management

Operations and Financial Management
We will review your product (or service) fulfillment process and will recommend the removal of outdated procedures and operational constraints. We will introduce ‘best business practices’ with the approach of strengthening the link between achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and every touch point within your organization. Basically, CTG will assist in generating productivity gains while improving overall profitability.

Our team will review your financial reporting and will work with you to determine the most appropriate short-term sources and uses of funds. Our financial modelling will assist to forecast the future position of your company under different assumptions and scenarios. Our team of professionals will then link your current financial situation with various strategies and tactics designed for short-term and long-term gains and will develop key metrics to direct your company along a path of greater success.
At CTG, we ensure your go-forward plan includes the necessary elements to secure capital, consolidate existing debt instruments or increase working capital. Some of our output includes:

  • Analyzing historical performance and using the date to make decisions for future direction
  • Preparing business plans designed to obtain financing
  • Cash flow forecasting and management reporting (daily dashboard)
  • Break-even and profitability analysis
  • Pro-forma analysis and financial statements

Business Development Support and Sales Training
We have experience in assisting companies in growing top line revenues by improving sales productivity and overall effectiveness. The ‘right’ process, systems, commission plans, sales training and management habits can accelerate sales growth in most cases, overnight. Specifically;

  • Developing a sales process to attract the ideal customer, supports the sales team, as well as the entire organization (customer service, project management, accounts receivable)
  • Train the sales reps in soft skills (how to sell); assist in developing individual sales plans and incorporating these plans into company budgets and strategic objectives
  • Ensure we develop ‘result measurement tools’ for both the sales representative(s) and the manager, with a focus on improving the call-to-appointment and the appointment-to-sale ratio
  • Develop and/or improve the impact of all sales collateral printed and electronic material and ensuring all messaging reinforces the company’s value proposition

Human Resource Management and Succession Planning
Owners of small to medium sized businesses know their employees are their most valuable resource. However, sometimes the time and investment appears too costly to afford or to budget for. Companies usually direct the focus on growing revenues and improving profitability by trying to complete the ‘big sale’ or reducing expenses, but rarely is there a mandate to invest in the employees.

What role(s) do your employees play in your business success and how can you optimize their contribution?

At CTG, we provide consultation and on-site services to assist small to medium sized businesses manage and develop their human resources. We offer a full range of HR Practices and assistance in either a one-time project basis, ongoing advice or in occasional support when you need it.

Our list of services include:

  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Recruitment, Retention and Exit Interview procedures
  • Organizational Effectiveness review
  • Change Management
  • Management Coaching + 360 review
  • Sales and Service Training
  • Policy, Procedures and Employee Handbook (clear job descriptions, remuneration and recognition programs)

Customer Service Best Practices

Customer Service is a combination of managing critical information and people, sometimes under stress and effectively communicating next steps or solutions (both internally and externally). Everyone in your organization is a customer service representative, but few recognize the extent of their actions and how it directly affects revenue and profitability.

CTG will assist you in developing an all-encompassing customer service model, designed to support your business objectives, the employee and of course, ultimately the customer. We will provide an initial customer service audit and will work with you to determine the lifetime value of a typical customer, broken down by product and/or market segment.

We will work with your company to help reinforce the skills to:

  1. Handle inquiries and complaints in an efficient and supportive manner
  2. Attain agreement from clients on problem resolution and learn how to leverage the opportunity into a long-term and rewarding client relationship
  3. Develop value-add options for customers and learn how to increase ‘wallet share’ per call
  4. Develop a problem resolution and an escalation process, incorporate a root-cause analysis, and add key metrics to ensure timely and effective solutions are being completed to the customer expectations
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