Business Turnaround – Debt Restructuring

Business Turnaround

Small to medium sized businesses in financial distress or suffering from poorer than expected corporate performance, face a very unique set of immediate challenges. Most business owners are not trained on how to turn a business around or are emotionally attached to past ‘ways of doing business’. This is not a time for poor or delayed decision making. CTG’s approach is to immediately stabilize the situation and to quickly develop effective plans to ensure short-term survival and long-term success.

Key questions requiring clarification include:

  • What can be done quickly to reach a monthly financial breakeven?
  • How can the company free up cash to fund essential business operations?
  • What constitutes a necessary expense and what can be delayed?
  • What is the company’s core product and service offering and how can we focus on the most viable revenue streams without losing customers?

CTG can develop turnaround plans tailored to your specific and unique circumstances.

Debt Restructuring

Your short-term issues may include debt restructuring and dealing with creditors. CTG is affiliated with one of Canada’s largest debt restructuring and credit rebuilding companies, and so offers a deep pedigree in dealing with debt and helping to eliminate large portions of it.

Corporate Turnaround Group consultants represent the client, not their creditors, to negotiate the lowest possible settlements for debtors, while helping them to avoid bankruptcy.

The settlements we’ve achieved assisting the restructuring of debts for our corporate clients averages 25% of original debts owed.

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