Business Advisory – Strategic Planning

Business Advisory
One of the main reasons why businesses fail is due to poor management decision-making. CTG will bring its years of experience to help support you in either an advisory role or on-going hands-on management expertise. CTG offers Advisory Board support, hourly contracts or executive coaching and short-term management contracts.

We troubleshoot immediate issues as we analyze the factors that are driving your company’s current performance. We consider all aspects of your business including the Financial Structure (debt and equity), Sales & Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, and Human Resources amongst others. Our assessment also involves ensuring there is alignment between your personal and family goals and the strategies chosen to attain your business goals.

Our Business Advisory services include:• Finding sources of capital to refinance your business or provide additional cash
• Improving management of cash flows and increasing profitability
• Strengthening and balancing management skill sets
• Facilitating the documentation of your Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategy
• Analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats affecting your business (SWOT)
• Developing and implementing with you a strategic plan with objectives and goals and then evaluating results against the plan
• Strengthening asset quality, improving ratios and liquidity
• Identifying and solving succession planning issues in family businesses
• Building more a successful franchise model
• Developing Business Plans and Financial Models
• Performing Viability Studies
• Working with Lawyers and Accountants as required

Your CTG consultant will work with you as long as you require, stabilizing your organization, and seeing the successful implementation of a revitalized business plan. We will hold you accountable to the goals you set, and will provide the kind of ongoing business evaluation that you need to chart a more profitable way forward.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Every business needs a road map or path to follow to ensure long-term success (3-5 years). Some businesses are so busy running the operations and dealing with day-to-day crises that there is little time devoted to planning. At CTG, we can either facilitate the strategic planning process for you and your management team or develop a plan and support in its execution. Essential parts of our Strategic planning include:

  • Business Diagnostic and Analysis – Re-affirm or assist in developing Vision, Mission and Core values. Complete a SWOT analysis, Competitive Matrix and Value Proposition. Chart organizational structure, map key business processes, roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Design and Develop Strategic Direction – Identify essential goals and objectives. Develop the necessary financial, operational and business development plans and tactics to support the objectives, supported by actionable Key Performance Indicators
  • Execution Plan – Develop financial reporting and daily dashboards to measure success. Expand on pro-forma financials and cash flow statements to support funding applications or strengthen relationships with banks, investors or franchising opportunities. Ensure we are building business valuation for possible mergers, acquisitions, succession or transition
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